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This phrase is one a great psychologist friend of mine used to use a lot describing folks who did not appear to have both oars in the water… “too much wacky tobaccy”, Jim would say.

Well, there is a lot of that going around nowadays.

Those who would slaughter 97% of the world’s human population, emasculate all men, pseudo-masculate all women (I just made up that word, but it is as good as any), scramble all childhood brains, subdivide all humans into tiny little groups to be pitted against each other, poison all food supplies that remain after they destroy nearly all non-toxic food producers … well, these non-humans seem to have had their way for quite some time.

That time may be ending. One can hope.

US Department of Defense Finally Comes Clean – Admits in Public Document that There Are 46 US Military-Funded Biolabs in Ukraine

I dunno about you, but if there were 46 Iranian biolabs just across the Montana border from me, I would cheerfully endorse military action to take them out.

Additionally, if enemies of mine who had etched into stone that they wanted me and 97% of my fellow Earthlings destroyed had installed a puppet government just across the border from me, I would happily embrace military efforts to take that regime down.

PLANNED DEMOLITION? Biden and FDIC BLOCKED efforts by private buyers to take over Silicon Valley Bank before it collapsed

“(Natural News) Right before Silicon Valley Bank collapsed and was subsequently nationalized using taxpayer dollars, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) prevented efforts by private buyers to purchase the bank.

Members of the Wall Street Journal editorial board noted that, despite federal claims that it could not find a buyer for SVB, a source has told them that both the Federal Reserve and the Department of the Treasury were able to find buyers. Unfortunately, FDIC Chairman Martin Gruenberg rejected the buyers owing to the government’s hostility to bank mergers. (Related: Silicon Valley Bank didn’t have a risk assessment chief for 9 months as it focused on WOKE diversity policies.)”

Tucker: No One Seems to Care That Zelensky Is Closing Down Churches and Throwing Christians in Jail

Students Protesting MIT’s New Free Speech Efforts Behind the Anti-LGBTQ Slurs Found on Campus


Bernie Sanders Gets Hero’s Welcome at University of Virginia


Emails Show Elementary School Tried to Secretly Defy Parents’ Wishes on Transitioning Child