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drag queen story hours beg One Question

Okay, I can come up with several questions, or relevant statements of fact.

Of course you can, Ted. That’s who you are.

For starters:

What kind of librarians facilitate these perverse acts across this once-upon-a-time great country?

Nearly all of our country’s public libraries are funded via local tax dollars.

Does the tax paying community in each of these hosting facilities actually think this crap is a good idea?

Librarian WAS a respected position. No longer. Now mere products of the K-thru-Kollege perverse government indoctrination system… an Illuminati cornerstone for destroying a healthy society.

Between that, their media monopoly and ownership of most politicians, they can and do sell some absolutely ridiculous stuff.

Do Jiggs the plumber, Jake the carpenter, Bill the stockbroker, Tony the car repair guy and the rest of those whose incomes make libraries possible even know what is happening in them?

I grant library boards and staffs a commendation for their efforts to keep those institutions relevant and draw some traffic into them.

Free loaned books are not much of a draw anymore. Retiree book readers have new and used delivered to their homes from affordable online orders. Teens use the library computer room for online gaming. Few working stiffs can even find their local library.

However, is THIS really the audience their libraries are founded and funded to serve? That brings us to the core question:

What kind of mothers take preschool children to these?

I should stop here and leave you pondering that question… but that is not who I am.

Perhaps you celebrated along with me when adults of a community filled, and refused to leave the library reading room before a scheduled Drag Queen Story Hour event. The drag fags gave up and left without peddling their perversions… that one time.

The moms, however, still brought their impressionable offspring as offerings to the Twisted Culture priests… were merely denied access on that one day in that one place.

Back to the Moms delivering their human sacrifices. What kind of home, example and upbringing are these dizzy dames and their emasculated partners providing? We are surrounded with examples of what this Golden-Age Woke Culture encourages.

Looting, burning, pillaging your own neighborhoods until you, too, can enjoy the blessings of life on the trash-lined streets watching every step lest you slip on human feces. Escaping to the worst mind-altering drugs the CIA Drug Cartel has been able to come up with. Choosing death rather than a life that is simply too confusing to bear.

Living on the dole in Slavelandia, shouting Marxist chants in the faces of productive protesters seems the height of their cultural contributions.

These Moms and Dads will grow old alongside their basement-dwelling budgies.

“We are so proud of you WeSheHeTheeBurpFart for getting that lovely new tattoo. Covering up that one remaining patch of offensive white skin is such a good idea.

Your chrome piercings reflect the light so handsomely too. That new one, what is it now 125???, is SO YOU. Its grace and elegance is the ONE THING your collection was missing.

“Oh Elbert, I am so glad we decided on an open casket for HerHeHoundogGopherguts’ final farewell. It would have been a shame to forget that lovely iridescent purple-black hair color it chose last month before finally finding peace with the fentanyl overdose.”

The globalists will have their cultural, religious, race war. Are they really so stupid as to believe their troops will win this one?

Psychopaths, narcissists, and sociopaths are not famously the brightest lights in the harbor.

They just might.


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