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Bank collapse with Silicon Valley Bank batting leadoff

tEDITOR NOTE: What began as a few tiny changes to an essay I posted yesterday blossomed into enough change that I decided to republish as if it were *NEW*. (Don’t let that sly dog fool you. It is the same, well almost, or somewhat.) 😉

To the right is a video recording that says much of this … more … differently

This is the beginning with Chase, Morgan, BofA, Wells Fargo, Goldman Sachs and all the other global banksters who took over the Feral Reserve in 1913 now collapsing YOUR SAVINGS and your income.

“Whaall, since paper, fiat currencies didn’t work out so good, we will switch to running an electronic store of your life savings, income and productivity FOR YOU. You can trust this ironclad system brought to you by Diebold – famous for favorable election results.”

Fool me once, shame on you.
Fool me twice, shame on me.

That would be apropos, except that this itself is a rerun of the many times fraudulent money changers ripped of the honest working men of the world.

We’ll just call them “the usual suspects” as was done at the end of the movie Casablanca. They created The Commodities Exchange (Comex) as a place through which they could control and manipulate commodity prices, primarily gold and silver prices for fun and profit. They drive the prices down, buy a bunch, then let the market run back up for a bit, only to drive prices down again for another round of buying.

Visualize the Comex as a family sitting around a Monopoly game table. In one chair is an amorphous being covered with a sheet … representing the 4.64 Billion people who are heavily involved in results of this game, just not allowed on the profit side of the table nor any involvement in its process. The players pass useless paper notes among themselves laying claim to defining the market price for gold and silver by dint of their overwhelming volume of paper promises, somewhere in the range of 98 promises for every 2 actual, physical metal transactions.

If 1% of the masses wake up to the value of holding gold and silver,

The Supply Chain Would Be Overwhelmed

The price would skyrocket –
reaching the correct dollar to silver ratio.

Watch Gold and Silver prices to know when the rules of the game have changed. Fiscally conservative people stored much of their savings in gold and/or silver because of its multi-century record as a reliable store of wealth. Not investment, just a solid place to keep money for long term savings.

Meanwhile, back at the fraudulent bankster ranch, the more honorable among them will commit sepuku, or as in the crash of ’29, bail out of high buildings rather than face their victims or a life without extraordinary wealth.

As for the rest of us, welcome to the brave new world.

This is a test of your mental, spiritual, and physical strength.

Break a leg


P.S. I may have come to grips with a medium-effort way to resume publishing my videos on my Brighteon channel. This is the first, though I think I can improve the quality from this level without much additional work.


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