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operating on Farmer Time

Today is the biannual celebration of control our overlords wield over details of our lives. They remind us twice a year that even little things are within their power.

For absolutely NO GOOD REASON, they send us scurrying around our houses, shops and vehicles resetting every clock and timer therein. It is just a little jab, not like they are starving or poisoning us … with that poke anyway.

I am approaching the mark where half of my life will have been spent self-employed. When you do not report for work at a time fixed by others, the annoyance level of biannual clock manipulations is reduced. I get up when I am awake and go to bed when I am sleepy. My circadian rhythms do not get jerked around by ignorant political hacks.

Clocks are useful for communicating with others, setting up appointments and such. The annoyance I feel towards those perpetuating the “daylight savings” scam is no greater on that subject than dozens, or hundreds of others where power seekers have overstepped both their authorized charters and their intellectual boundaries.

In many ways, TEOTWAWKI, TSHTF, The Darkest Winter, CWII and other predicted major changes to our world will be a relief.

My new community will be comprised of strong men, humble and practical people.

For the time being, the sun will be mid-way across our sky at high noon.
There is something intrinsically proper about that.