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Ukraine – how the conflict got to this point and what’s next

Stephen Gardner hosts Scott Ritter to discuss the Ukraine conflict. It is an excellent show covering well the 2014 USofA State Department creation of the current Ukraine Nazi government, continual breaking of treaties and the eventual backing Russia into the corner they are now fighting their way out of.

It is challenging to figure out the true agenda of Biden’s puppet masters as they have done just about exactly the wrong thing from start to finish if taking down Russia was the objective. The current trajectory has Russia reclaiming the historically Russian half of Ukraine and supervising a demilitarized non-Nazi government of the other half. The map here presents a good picture of what that means.

Scott makes a great point that Zelinski is still alive because the Russians want him alive… perhaps to surrender when he finally recognizes the hopelessness of his position. While he is very respectful of the Ukrainian fighting mens’ battlefield prowess, I am thinking most of the good ones already died in this conflict and the Ukrainian conscripts are too old, too young, too inexperienced, uncommitted to “the cause”, and lacking in time for training to match those who preceded them.

For the USofA and its NATO puppet, it gets worse. The Russians have reorganized to take the battlefield to the next level. Not only will Ukraine and its NATO suppliers run out of artillery ammunition in what has been an artillery war, the Russians are now positioned to add an air war element that the other side will be completely unable to answer.

While the Russians repeatedly attempted to have negotiated settlements, NATO steadfastly refused… to the point of trashing the 40-year-old nuclear disarmament treaty … an incredibly stupid USofA State Department move. The Russians were willing to settle for A LOT LESS than what they will have by the end of this year.

Widely known throughout Europe, Russia built a pipeline shipping low cost natural gas to Germany and Europe via the Baltic Sea. The USofA blew it up – sabotaged it … widely recognized as an overt act of war. Russia did not respond in kind (yet).

With the victory they are forced to seek in Ukraine, they will have a land bridge directly to Europe, full control of Black Sea year-round ports, while the shrunken Ukraine will be land-locked; very much dependent on maintaining good relations with Russia.

The USofA/NATO plan to crush Russia seems to have blown up in their faces.

Russia is destined to become a much stronger European trading partner while the USofA credibility and influence in the region will degrade significantly. A diplomatic truism fits well here: Either trade crosses borders or armies do. Russian people see much more advantage in trading with Europe than fighting it.

USofA war hawks have powder burns all over their faces.

On to the video. Much of the above is in there, along with a whole lot more. I just wanted to add a few pertinent points to the powerful information Scott Ritter brings to the presentation below.


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