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Putin 82% , Biden 18%, Ukraine 0, Russia 100

One of those scoreboards I completely made up. The other was thousands of George Galloway’s audience responding to a poll he offered up.

I am with retired US Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor in being surprised that more than eight out of ten escaped the media onslaught demonizing Putin… and pretending that the criminal, pedophile, pervert who has since become fully, certifiably brain dead is in charge of anything at all.

My video hosting site has eliminated the use of tools that were working for me, so I share an eew toob video because I don’t want to hack my way through replacements. I use a Linux tool called “video downloader” so I won’t be tracked and monitored. I may someday help you steer clear of the googoo big brother, but this one is here if you want to watch it.

Here is the eew toob link if you want to download it without being tracked:

And a click-and-watch version of the video for the easy way out.

Here is another video on the subject. This one contains a lot more footage from Ukraine, very much reinforcing the facts that the CIA, US State Department puppet government of that country is LOSING their war. The lies will not hold up much longer.

The Big Question I have is
What do “they” plan to do when their
“Ukraine is winning” narrative falls apart?

Western press, lamestream media, CIA-News-Network, whatever you wanna call the liars with the power, keep pushing this Russia is losing, the puppets we installed in 2014 are winning narrative. The opposite is massively true. What story do they have lined up for when it is all over?

Brace yourself.

Scamdemic II?

Digital Currency takeover?

Thermonuclear World War?

Total power grid meltdown?

Yellowstone Caldera blowup?

Some questions shouldn’t be asked. That, I believe, is called “tempting fate”.


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