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I watched a great presentation on the real situation in Ukraine. Alexander Mercouris published this video on the February 24th, 1-year anniversary of Russian troops crossing the Ukraine border. He explains many things that lamestream media does not even come close to, or deliberately obfuscates.

I so strongly dislike that You-tube/Google track and data mine all visitors to their sites that I spent two days trying to work around it. I use a video downloader for all the ew toob videos I watch. Most of the time I have been able to upload and repost them via my Brighteon channel so I could share without the tracking and data mining features. That didn’t work for this one.

Today I ferreted out a bitchute channel of his that presents the same videos. So here you have it. I don’t know a lot about bitchute, but it is more reputable than googoo.


An hour and ten minute video is normally much larger than I will watch of online news, and certainly a lot larger than anything I have shared with you. However, this one is worth it. I will cover here some of the major highlights that I find most noteworthy.

In the first third of it, Alexander goes back long before the final invasion to discuss how USofA+NATO forced the significant Russian response. He didn’t even mention the 40+ CIA bio-weapon labs in Eastern Ukraine or the 27 along their border that Russia obliterated on Day 1 last February.

The picture he paints is motivation enough without going into the US-Politico money laundering, human trafficking, child trafficking and ritualistic/satanic mass-murder/adrenachrome harvesting business. He does cover much, but not all of the USofA/NATO disregard for prior weapons treaties and build up along the Russian borders of strategic, including nuclear weapon systems that could potentially attack with intent to annihilate Russia altogether.

The video explains how the entire setup was designed and prosecuted to remove Putin, destroy the current Russian leadership AND eliminate Russia as a sovereign country. Their choice was fight or die… nasty corner, that.

Even then, their initial gambit into Ukraine was still taking the high road… hoping to enter political, diplomatic solutions rather than resorting to a full military takeover. That hope has been crushed by USofA/NATO, so, now, military it will be… and the Russians will win.

Speaking of which, lamestream is running a fiction quite opposite the reality that despite extensive, massive financial and military aid, the Ukraine puppet government’s military and massive mercenary forces are getting wiped out.

If you watch the video you will get most of that. In the final third, Alexander covers the Chinese government’s position, which is quite interesting.

In the last several years, those two governments have publicly grown much more cooperative with each other economically, politically and militarily. It comes as no surprise to many of us that the Chinese government may lend a hand against the 800-pound USofA/NATO gorilla, aka worldwide bully.

Chinese assistance will be valuable in shortening the war. PLUS both nations get to field test their equipment in real world, battlefield conditions… and share in dissecting, building antidotes for the captured equipment. Essentially admitting they are losing, USofA military aid no longer includes state-of-the-art gear. Some things The Pentagon does not yet want to give to that pair of powers.

The Big Deal regarding the Chinese public statement

When we look at a map of Europe and Asia, even a myopic squirrel can see they are part of the same continent … and that the USofA is not even remotely connected thereto. However, this is the first time I have noticed anyone other than George Orwell, the New World Order (NWO), or Agenda 2030 gang talking about “Eurasia” as a single entity.

While the world maps shows European and Asian countries in useful or dangerous proximity to each other, NWO maps of the world have eliminated individual countries altogether.

This is not in the best interests of humanity.

Their plans for us are not good.

“Progress” in that direction is definitely evil.

Russian/Chinese cooperation might be exactly that.

P.S. I have been investigating and reporting on the Ukraine situation for many years now. Lamestream media has never come close to honestly telling us what is going on. My record, on the other hand, is quite good.