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scary white riflemen

The beings who wish unrestricted rule over the 3% of us who survive their ongoing genocide have a problem… actually more like 130,000,000 problems.

Gun owners are not likely to give up their families, homes, belongings to climb into the cattle cars. Armed resistance works a heckuva lot better than cut flowers and peace signs. They know this.

Despite my headline, this is really not a racial issue, though since the beginning of the Gay Kenyan illegal White House occupation, race has deliberately become a divisive issue and white MEN are their specific enemies – putting us on the front lines whether we want it or not.

This comes up, tediously, again because their disarmament attempts come up again. Don’t blame me, blame your relentless enemies. See the headline, and if your stomach is strong enough, go read the article. Beyond that, realize they cannot win this one.

Dem Reps Seek To Restrict Ammunition Sales To Americans