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World War: February 21st

When all else fails, they take us to war

They have rolled up to direct confrontation before, backing down at the last moment. Hopefully that will happen again. However, a whole lot of big guns are facing off this week, starting Tuesday.

Provocations by USofA/NATO have continually been met by cooler heads in Moscow and Beijing. There are signs that their stepping back to avoid disastrous conflict may be ending.

A year or so ago, USofA navy ships resumed carrying nuclear weapons. Something the big three had agreed to not do as of several decades ago. Of course Russia and China leadership feel threatened by this behavior. Now Norwegian intelligence reports that the Russian navy has reciprocated. They are no longer outgunned in the battle of the navies … along with land masses accessible to those navies (approximately ANYWHERE on Earth).

USofA has deployed missiles, military aircraft, masses of troops and likely nuclear weapons all around Russian and Chinese borders. Recently, both of them began building up the other side of those borders defensively, and probably offensively as one easily becomes the other.

The Puppet In Chief is at this moment over in the global money-laundering, pedophilia supplying, human trafficking and bioweapon producing capital of the western world’s superpowers – also known as Ukraine. His escorts are wheeling and dealing while the POS serves as a human shield on the verge of an expected Russian offensive ramp-up.

Ukraine has been using chemical weapons banned internationally long ago. This is extremely provocative, and highly unlikely to be tolerated for long.

The “Ukranian Defense Forces” (UDF) have very few actual Ukranians remaining. Most fighting age men escaped or died already. Now press gangs are literally dragging teenage boys off the streets as fresh cannon fodder, I mean conscripts, or both. Joining them are wannabe warriors from all over NATO-land making big printed-in-USA dollar paychecks for keeping this vassal state alive.

Since nearly all of the Made-In-USA weapon systems take new operators 6 months to over a year before modest proficiency is gained, mercenaries and special forces have to buttress Ukrainian forces. Many of those have been killed in the losing effort to keep the CIA puppet on the throne. Including a lot of US Army personnel following the daisy-in-chief’s illegal orders.

Look at that missile battery photo. Can you spot the one who does not belong? I found it easy to do.

I have been publishing about the covert, now overt operations by our State Department, CIA, and other swamp creatures since 2014. This is not fresh. See

Why is February 21, 2023 significant now?

Massive Russian military buildup has recently completed… on top of their successes in rolling over cities and UDF installations up and down the Russian border.

Putin scheduled a press conference with unannounced topics. Many suspect a kickoff of major offensives.

The Russian legislative body has an extraordinary scheduled meeting for the 21st with the single topic on the agenda, that subject not yet released, but expected to be in response to whatever Putin announces to the press.

US Air Force and Russian Air Force are nose to nose. USAF and Space Force have been feeding UDF intelligence from specialized airplanes and satellites. To win, they have to be disabled. How will that sit with the people at home?

The Biden caricature is there now (I think as a shield for the capital city, Kyiv… which won’t matter).

For the last year, national military units from all sides of this potential conflict have been holding joint forces maneuvers on land, sea and air world-wide.

One more factor: the current scams are crumbling. Media is not trusted, nor are the politicians. The creeps are losing their grip. War has always been a way to unite the frightened people behind even the worst politicians.

The war drums are beating.

Official lies have already been written; scripts practiced, teleprompters programmed.

One certainty: Lamestream will tell no truths.

Stay tuned


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