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country bumpkin VS gym rat

I have been trying to find regular gym visits in my daily/weekly agenda. I really ought to tone up, ya’know… lots of people a whole lot more knowledgeable than I on fitness and keeping human machines working in good order say so with great and convincing conviction.

This year I signed up for “free” supplemental medical insurance (aka Obamacare). Whether I will ever use it or not, Medicare has been deducted automatically from the pittance Social Security returns of the money forcibly taken from me during my income-producing careers. My wife is very pleased that I now have a bit more coverage in case something big strikes me a severe blow necessitating uber-expensive medical-monopoly interventions.

Somewhat counter-intuitively, the free supplemental costs eighteen bucks a month if you do not, have not, used prescription drug insurance recently. They particularly dislike folks who avoid pharmaceuticals as if they were toxic. Park me in the camp that thinks they are indeed poisonous.

This is despite the fact pharmaceutical avoiders cost insurance companies A TON less than Joe Average.

Softening the hit a tiny bit is the “Golden Sneakers” feature that pays for a gym membership at the local Right To Bare Arms exercise palace.

I signed up, walked around and tried to visualize myself giving the machines a workout… a very light one, fershur.
Holey Smokes! While not a large population sample at all, there were some awesome-looking human machines working for that description. Dang those people are impressive examples of what the human form can look like when fully toned.

So long as they don’t abuse my very tender high-mileage wrists, hands, knees or back, I think I might give some of their facilities a go. Try holding those limitations in your head and walking around a gym sometime. Not much there, but I found a few … elliptical, butterfly, and therapeutic sauna for instance.

Still, I was not getting excited about trips to the gym. BO RING.

Yesterday I began, and today I finished clearing seven inches of snow off key areas of The Estate. Yesterday was slightly more than I should have done.

Today was Supreme Overachiever Day. My lower and upper body worked for almost four hours non-stop … to the staggering point… but I HAD TO FINISH… the chickens wanted their yard back, and so did I.

Definitely not boring, and clearly more than I would have done were I being methodical on the gym equipment.

Well, heck, I can certainly take a day off from workouts tomorrow.

Good thing.

I have big plans for moving material and reorganizing the basement.

Ya’know, low-physical-demand easygoing cerebral stuff. 😉