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Officially approved protests

It depends primarily on what you are protesting and how. For example, burning and looting businesses in “economic development zones” are okey-dokey. Officialdum kind-of needs the old businesses removed so they can install New World Order businesses in those places.

Watch this ridiculous Oaf-fish-all splain to his “we will believe anything” audience why this particular violence is not actually violent.

Why is this guy still able to talk?

What is the matter with the people of Atlanta?

Remember that the people LED INTO the US House building over two years ago, who stayed between velvet ropes and posed for the staged, prepared presstitute photographers

Are STILL in prison, without speedy trials, without legal representation, and often beat and kept in solitary confinement.

I helped redistribute Catherine Austin Fitts’ explaining how this approved urban renewal / SMART city development works.

See her video on the left.

So many people respond to ‘my conspiracy theories’ with “Why would they do that?”. My inability to explain WHY to them negates in their minds everything they see and hear against officialdom. Here is the WHY of strategic destructive rioting.

Ex-USofA Housing Secretary Catherine Austin Fitts interview explains the war we are in, the trap we have moved into, and what we MUST do if we are to escape before the trap is sprung.
Here are my notes from watching the video / the points she makes:
* The magic virus solves the problems for those who would take over all life on Earth.
* Bringing on a world of zero privacy and one where the banks can shut you off for disobedience.
* Everything, everybody, everywhere will be in complete control of the central technocracy.
* The ultimate, complete control – slavery system. The trick they need to pull off is building the pillars of their slavery system, gaining our acceptance of those individual pillars without recognizing that when they come together the trap is complete, comprehensive and inescapable.
* We have been put in the trap, BUT THE DOOR HAS NOT YET SHUT.
* At 46 minutes in, the groundwork has been laid. She makes quite clear HOW each of us stop contributing to the fetters of our slavery and the slavery of all humans thereafter.
* The whole show is available at

Here is another video of the most recent “peaceful protests”. Listen to this babbling presstitute’s incredible verbal gymnastics as he preserves his lucrative employment with those who would rule the Earth.


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