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I have certainly posted a’plenty here about the presstitute industry. There is a bit of good news on that front today.

This link is from The Daily Fetched website:
Study Finds Journalists Are Now among the Most Distrusted Groups in the World

Quoting the article: According to The Edelman Trust Barometer, more than two-thirds of respondents worried that journalists and reporters are “purposely trying to mislead people by saying things they know are false or gross exaggerations.”

Of course media duplicity and conspiracy is not news to you or me, but that a majority is now on to their game is heartening.

On my left column under the Bitterroot Bugle post categories is “media” with 170 prior entries on the subject. Click there or HERE to see much of how their widespread distrust was earned.

Lamestream handling of the recent riots would be completely laughable if there was only their deserved audience remaining. Sadly, they still have some sheep in their thrall.

If you have yet to figure out why presstitutes are so considerate of Big Pharma’s sensitivities, perhaps because they work for the same bosses might explain it.

In this video they flat-out tell their remaining screen-watching zombies who the programmer is:

But you can trust us, eh?

Of course those who own all of the money printing facilities in the world can afford to buy darn-near everything

including media, pharma, politicians, police, police states, armies, navies, rioters …

you name it, they can buy it …

or have it killed…

unless there are a zillion of us resisting.

Encouragement for you resistors:


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