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Communications Basics

Two-way radio communications is a tremendous subject that can and does carry people in many directions. Certainly among the most important are field communications to and from tactical and reconnaissance teams, particularly with some semblance of security or privacy to the information thereby exchanged.

Particularly well suited to teaching this fine art is NC Scout. He recently published a book on the subject: The Guerrilla’s Guide To The Baofeng Radio, which I recommend and am buying myself. He also has a web page covering a whole lot more range. I share the outline below, but encourage you to go to the source. Simply click the linked heading.

– Ted –

The Foundation: Squaring Away Communications Basics

Improvised Field Antennas

The Jungle Antenna: 

Moxon Antennas:

DIY Dipoles for Any Band:

The Best DIY Resource Online, for any Band: 

Understanding Capabilities

QRP- Low Power in the Field:  

Commo Basics for Small Units: 

Maximizing Your HT: 

Deployable Communications Concerns:

Operating Skills

The Signals Operating Index (SOI): 

Intelligence vs. Information:  

SALUTE and SALT Reports:

Planning Your Footprint:

Report Formats: 

The Base Radio Station:  

Commo Windows:

Bulletproof Local Communications: 

Running Your Radio Semi-Covertly: 

Scanning, Monitoring, Signals Collection

SIGINT for the Small Unit: 

Creating a Signals Collection Section from Scratch: 

Open Sources Primer on Equipment:  

SIGINT Software for SDRs:  

An SDR Signals ID Primer:


SIGINT and the Guerrilla Radio:

Signals Intelligence Resources: 


Hopefully this compiled list of posts deep down in the list is found helpful in identifying and resolving your communications needs. While bewildering (I know it’s a lot of info to swallow), take it in chunks, read and then re-read, all the while comparing it to the capabilities you currently have and see if those needs can be filled. It’s not so much about the equipment itself, but about the skills and necessary capabilities. This is a concept foreign to many in contemporary society, but a critical one nonetheless.

HF was left off the list- purposefully omitted, as the focus here is on building a basic station and gaining the essential ground-level skills. The foundation starts here, and there are no more excuses. And in case you were wondering in the post-election fog, you are not safe. Not even close. This nation is in just as much danger currently as it was on the afternoon of 9/11-01, perhaps more so (I believe we are in much more danger) and it is not the time to go to sleep. The street marxists have one logical move left having lost all other legitimate means. The governing entity would likely default to an increase in the consolidation of power.

We cannot afford to lose sight of the very real enemies out there. Equally we cannot afford the same follies and missteps of the past. Take every opportunity you can to be ready, including securing means of communications off the grid from social conventions. That means learning from those who know and practicing as much as possible.

There are no more excuses.



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