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SMART – the new foolish

As usual, their beliefs dictate that we are told what they are up to before they do it. SMART=self-monitoring, analysis and reporting technology.

Your smart stuff reports EVERYTHING to the NSA data centers that Edward Snowden gave up his comfortable life to warn us about.

Your smart refrigerator, vacuum cleaner, the phone you carry everywhere, your car, your television, your computer, your Internet connection, your doorbell … it is all about creating that dystopian world Orwell, Huxley, Rand, Serling, Bradbury, M.T. Anderson, and so many others warned us about.

Go ahead, make it easy for them to OWN YOU. “It’s so convenient” might be your last words as a free person.

These creatures have no interest in your humanity, integrity, honor, liberty or anything else you may like.

I choose another path.

Below are several related links I included so you could find more information. The Internet censors have done a fine job of covering relevant search results with blatant self-serving sales brochures and propaganda. I think these links might break through that barrier.

I am regularly running across more information about how they have weaponized our convenient electronics against us. I will be posting more SMART stuff here soon.

Gateway Beast  Gateway Beast@Walt75      ·  Avoid purchasing “smart” products of any kind, such as #smart-televisions and #Alexa-devices. “These products are all used for #surveillance purposes via #audio, some #visual, and #data aggregating, not to mention potential integrated #mind-control technologies.”

For some really creepy stuff, I introduce you to the smart dust, foolish, half-smart mad scientists brilliantly created for our would-be masters.

I had an interesting conversation with my tech-savvy auto repairman. It went along the lines of my requesting he disable the remote control aspects of my 22 year old, but modern by my standards GM vehicle. He started to respond that nobody could take control remotely, then stopped, mid-sentence, “I see what you mean”, and said he could do what I asked.

I do not expect The Deep State to love me. I consider our relationship more along the lines of mortal enemies. That, to me, is the safer approach to dealing with them and the technologies they own.

This website is a gift to my community from a pensioner dedicating a bit of his life attempting to help preserve humanity, integrity, honor and liberty – a world under attack. If I help one person find our side of the rampart, or help the resolve of one who found it via another path, my time and money have been well spent.

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Thank you, Ted Dunlap