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It is time to build your new METRICS

According to Investopedia,
Metrics are measures of quantitative assessment commonly used for assessing, comparing, and tracking performance or production. Generally, a group of metrics will typically be used to build a dashboard that management or analysts review on a regular basis to maintain performance assessments, opinions, and business strategies.

There are various definitions, but in this post I intend you consider metrics as
Your measure of value for your labor and your assets.
What you will willingly exchange to others for things you value more.

Now is a wonderful time to establish against the currency that has been the world standard metric for a century. While we are accustomed to using dollars and cents, as they decline towards uselessness we need to begin working with alternatives. We must figure out how we will barter and exchange in a civilized fashion without the currencies ingrained in our economies.

As this era comes to a close, start training yourself.

When the global bankster cartel took over the USofA dollar in 1913, a 90% silver quarter-of-an-ounce-coin could purchase a day’s worth of labor from a grown man. Before they slyly, deceitfully, criminally, disconnected the dollar-redeemable-in-silver, boldly labeled “SILVER CERTIFICATE”, from any redeemable value, they were limited by that clear promise.

August 15, 1971: The face on the puppet was that of Richard Nixon. Make no mistake, the banksters put him there and pulled the strings. On that date, French President President Charles de Gaulle demanded the USofA Treasury redeem their debt to France in gold and silver … turn their fiat dollar debt holdings into hard currency.

Sorry Charlie, We changed our minds … or We misspoke We no longer want to back our dollars with gold and silver. We kind-of-like the ring of Fiat Currency.

While that pissed off the Frenchman, it should have brought out the torches, pitchforks and ropes back home. But No, in 1971, they (we) were fat, dumb and happy.
I suppose Stanford would eliminate those phrases I just used, or at least the words, but they fit quite well in this context. Sorry Stanford. [Your institution and] Your input is irrelevant.

Meanwhile, back to Your Metrics. Here I will attempt to offer some possible metrics, or foundations for your metrics, if you will.

Today it is quite common for unskilled, untrained people to exchange an hour of their labor for $16 or so. That is a baseline, untrained, inexperienced kid off the street charting a path to be chief table-wiper at McDonald’s.

As of December 31, 2022, a USofA-minted silver eagle coin (a full ounce of 99% pure silver) can be purchased for $39 each. Pre-1971 90% silver quarters cost $5.60 each in today’s USofA fiat dollars. Four antique USofA quarters (nominally 1/4-ounce of 90% silver) will cost about $22.40.

I, simply for convenience, will use this baseline metric as a possibility. Four real quarters = 1 man hour. Put another way, an ounce of silver = one man hour. That valuation equals an exchange rate for labor of between $22.40 and $39.00 per hour.

Please adjust that to suit yourself, but if you are running with me so far, all I am saying is that you should come up with something besides the Feral Reserve Note as your metric while there is still some value in this particular fiat currency.

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