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What’s happenin?

I regularly rail against the lamestream theater obfuscating and outright lying about crucial world events, but every once in a while something constructive happens – that they, of course, do not cover.

Today I deliver tidbits of what I have been reading and watching of GENUINE SWAMP DRAINING.

You may have heard of the rehabilitation, expansion and upgrades to the USofA facility and prison in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. During the overt Trump Presidency, there was much ado about it, and potential use against traitors, murderers, mass-murderers, pedophiles, traitors and satanic ritual torturers… in high government offices.

Yada-yada-yada. Sure, like that’s going to happen.

Then the theater moves on to an unelected POTUS, with the Secret Service NOT covering his lame brain, but the one who won the election by a landslide, and remains as the real POTUS. The theater producers leak just enough of the fake oval office, the fake, rented pseudo-presidential limousines, the un-presidential international welcomes for dementia-Joe and so on that we non-puddin-heads can know with reasonable assurance Pedo-Joe is still a sick, brainless nobody and Messiah Trump is still in charge.

I apologize for rambling on, but the theater is coming so fast and furious that everything gets scrambled. A straight story is hard to tell.

During the first decisive Trump election, Hitlary famously said to election orchestrators,
“You guys better fix this or we will all hang”.

That, apparently happened earlier this year.

Seen Hillary lately?

Nope. Subject officially disappeared from front pages… and everywhere, apparently.

Today’s subject: The public face of the Pelosi crime family… apparently met the same well-earned fate.

Not seeing that on the CIA-News-Network? Not surprising.

Check out my blog entries regarding Guantanamo.

The possibility that Swamp Draining is really happening is not totally unexpected.

Just don’t get your hopes up that the replacement cadre will love you any more than the departed.

As I keep saying, we have ringside seats to the greatest show on Earth.

Appreciate your position.

– Ted –

P.S. While the video content is not super-pro, it is worth watching. Be ready to hit the II (pause button) as sometimes the frame moves on before any mortal could read the entire page. They are worth reading.

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