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apologies for non-posting … the theater is just plain STUPID

It is difficult for me to point at the hypocrisy, deceit, fraud and BS being shoveled by your elected leaders and lamestream media all reporting to the same globalist leaders. The volume and idiocy are over-the-top. THEY have discovered that overwhelming bullshit, well, overwhelms … truth.

I am of a mood to share headlines and links to the articles headlined. This place is a ZOO! A Canival. A Parody of itself. Our world is distinctly unreal.

On to the news headlines… links to various sources…

McConnell: “Providing Assistance For Ukrainians to Defeat the Russians is the Number One Priority for the United States Right Now” (VIDEO)

The money laundry must be protected at all costs. If the little people suffer, well, so be it. That is what they are there for, eh?

Kremlin says no chance of peace with Kyiv after Zelensky Washington trip

American Uniparty undoes the purse strings for foreign nations, murder, and Big Brother tyranny

Former French presidential candidate shocks the world: ‘Macron and most MPs are not vaccinated’

Republicans Blast Irresponsible $1.7 Trillion Spending Bill They Just Voted For

Ex-Twitter Employee Scores New Job Working For FBI Due To Past Experience Working For FBI

15 Facts Which Prove That A Massive Economic Meltdown Is Already Happening Right Now

This Is Not Normal! The Nation Braces For A ‘Bomb Cylcone’ That Will Bring ‘The Coldest Air In Decades’