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cold snap


At Sunrise (8:17), I threw on a wool coat, insulated gloves and boots for a one-minute outdoor job of opening the chicken door so my flock could get out to their heated water reservoir and food supply.

Whoops. My young back-saving helper yesterday did not close the double gate into / out of the chicken yard after blowing a foot of snow off their scratching yard.

So I did that while I was out there – to keep them in and predators out.

By the time I was back inside, my legs were cold through their double layers, my back was cold through its triple layers and my cheeks were genuinely frosty in the non-bearded areas. (Interesting how much my relatively sparse, trimmed beard helps.)

It was very easy to see why the US Weather Service has a wind-chill warning out for this morning.
“The dangerously cold wind chills could cause frostbite on exposed skin in as little as 10 minutes.”

Dang That’s Cold!

If you are reading “Minus Thirty One” (-31), we agree on the temperature.

The Bitterroot River Valley from Darby on down through Missoula is known as Montana’s Banana Belt. Understanding that this cold snap will make for some thermometer-wrecking cold bits in Eastern Montana, the Dakotas, Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin and so on doesn’t make me feel much warmer.

People whose stated goals are reduction of Earth’s human population are combining their weather engineering with other products so that heat, fuel, power and various means the besieged folks have for surviving brutal winter conditions will be unavailable.

It is all very much related to the globalist pushing electric vehicles… that is, for limiting common folk transportation to electric vehicles. Already Sweden, California, Europe and others are cutting off the recharging juice. Who can’t see what is coming???

A full 12 inches of snow changed my hoped-for plans yesterday. That stuff had to get moved while the gettin’ was good … It was a balmy 28-30 degrees ABOVE zero for the snow blowing and plowing I got done instead of what I hoped to be doing on the Solstice.

There is one drawback to living at a low spot in our little canyon… COLD.
The cool air travels down while warm air rises. We regularly record 10 or more degrees lower than the open spaces nearby.

Ah, but the wood stove and excellent insulation make indoors nice and cozy.

Just don’t step outside.