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my toothbrushing compound recipe

I used Tom’s of Maine for many years until the business was sold and went mainstream. The current corporation and its recipes deserve no support. So I went shopping … for my own recipe.

Having tripped over the value of essential oils, they are integral to this. I will make no claims for any of the ingredients, choosing instead to send you off to your own research to discover what led me to these, or to decide for yourself that some other combination works for you.

My essential oil source is Eden’s Garden, but I am not recommending for or against, nor do I have any fiscal connection with them. My essential oil purveyor research has been modest. They simply are who I use.

My base is a couple spoonfuls of coconut oil, one or two scoops of baking soda, a healthy splash of olive oil to keep the whole mess soft enough for scooping a bit onto my toothbrush, then a few splashes each of clove, myrrh, helichrysum and wintergreen.

I stir it all up with a butter knife or similarly-shaped stir stick until it is well mixed, then transfer to a small plastic container, put the lid on and use for many weeks. I suspect the essential oils might lose their essence were I to make larger, longer-lasting batches. So I don’t.

By the way, I have to admit commercial toothpaste marketing departments were a tad clever with their standard application images. It would be easy to believe this mongo blob is The Right Amount for every brushing.

It would also be ridiculous.

A tiny fraction of that will give whatever benefit is to be had from your chosen product.

You might notice I left flouride out of my recipe. 😉

You fershur should make every effort to do that part.