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It is far too late in the game to be sharing vaxx warnings with those whose misplaced faith poisoned their systems. I work with Missy, encouraging her to quit talking about it with jabbed relatives and friends. Primarily because they cannot permit themselves to believe her side of the argument, thus just weakening whatever interpersonal bonds may remain between them.

Secondly, even if they do believe her information there is nothing they can do to reverse the damage their trust did to their bodies. This information can only make them feel bad about past decisions, fearful for future of them and all who chose that path, and quite likely resent the messenger.

Nearly all who have dodged destructive injections thus far will continue that resistance. The best impact we can hope for is to help others remain resolute on that path and perhaps support their decisions along those lines.

I looked back and found anti-vaxx entries on my blog as long ago as October 2014. I can hope I helped some dodge the bullets with those early warnings.

In my fifteen year blogging history I have shared a distinctly abnormal view of the world, lamestream media and those whose hands are abusing the levers of political power. I do not have a lot of regrets, but do wish I had begun saving mainstream media reports earlier than I did. Some of their confessions were major-doozies… super-whoppers.

Having discovered that Eew-Toob tracked its visitors and made uncomfortable videos go away, I began utilizing a series of tools to save those I expected to disappear and republish them on more honorable platforms. My first choices ended up with the hosting environments disappearing themselves, along with my treasure trove of damning clips.

My current system is as good as I have found, utilizing, which was created in response to censorship, bias and deplatforming, by one who wanted to insure that did not happen to him or others railing against The Machine.

One of their requirements for video publication was that videos must be in certain formats and had to have an audio track. That cornered me into learning some bits about video editing tools and their use.

My love of music, wide range of musical genres, my irreverent and perhaps perverse sense of humor made some of the combinations interesting, even amusing to me despite the sad, tragic, deadly serious nature of the subject matter. I even have the ability to see the irony and even humor is my own painful mistakes, so that treatment is not confined to OTHERS.

These three vaXX injury videos are favorite examples of mine where I hoped to get the message across without being brutal or gross about it. I do like how my audio selection fits with the videos I saved from the censors. While the individual personal stories are incredibly sad, there is nothing we can do to save those who trusted too far.

Again, the best we can hope for is to support those who have resisted… perhaps uniting at some point down the line.

My Brighteon channel has a lot more to it, including those on my Vaccines – the truth is available playlist are other playlists, or groupings of videos I have gathered under subject-matter headings. You can see that subset of my video salvage yard, along with my own personally produced videos at the Bitterroot Bugler Playlist page.

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