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You are right

It does not much matter if you think you can or think you cannot.

In either case, you are correct.

When you make up your mind, your body will follow.

The mother who lifted a car off her child did not stop to think that she could not do that. She simply did it.

Of course it was impossible. Any logical, rational, thinking person knows this. Fortunately for the child, its mother did not stop to think that she might not be able to. She did what her mind told her had to be done.

I haven’t done anything particularly amazing, but continue to be impressed by the power of the human mind, at least of mine, but I don’t think of it as particularly special, I simply use it differently than the average Joe.

This comes to the forefront as my wife prepares to submit her back pain to the vivesectionists. The stories survivors share run the gamut from immediate relief to an endless stream of repeat operating theater visits finally delivering an unbendable mannequin or quadriplegic home to attempt some semblance of normal living.

Before the axeman begins, the mind and body have a crack at healthy resolution. Afterwards, all bets are off. Normal physiological tools have been disabled. All bets are now on the the dude PRACTICING MEDICINE.

These hacks studied in the same schools that gave us screen doors for submarines, I mean paper masks to stop flu viruses and an endless stream of injections to disable, then attempt unsuccessfully to replace the human immune system … or at least that is the most generous view of their claims. It really looks more like a combination of eugenics and wealth transfer to me.

Some statisticians rank “medical mistakes” as the third leading cause of death in the USofA. That particular statistic has been often quoted and is now somewhat scrubbed from the World Wide Web. Regardless, it ignores the massive list of “unintended consequences” and “side effects” of their practices.

A product of Rockefeller’s intervention and design, the modern medical establishment is extremely limited in range and scope of study. That puts these “recognized experts” in a strange position of ignorance about human and animal systems. Yet they somehow remain as the respected authorities in both… and genuine contenders for the Number One Cause of Death in this country.

… and that was BEFORE this phony pandemic and blatantly toxic injection program began…

My mind has resolved many issues since I began entrusting it with my body’s health
… and staying the heck away from those with impressive records of failure and health destruction.
root canal
herniated disc
pulled muscles
broken rib

Important note: This does not constitute medical advice for YOUR BODY.
Find a real medical practitioner for that.
The guys licensed by The State hate competition…
Cheerfully using the power of The State to crush all comers.

Trust me, guys, I won’t cut into your market
or distract a significant populace from Your Grand Plan.