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Pearl Harbor Day

I suspect I will forever associate December 7th with the moniker “Pearl Harbor Day”. But my view, as you might expect, is quite different from average.

December 7, 1941 is the day that the Franklin Delano Roosevelt (FDR) brain trust plan to get the USofA public acceptance for entering a deadly, destructive war with Germany, Japan and Italy came to fruition.

A seldom mentioned massively salient fact: The relatively modern USofA aircraft carrier fleet were ALL at sea. The obsolete coal-burning WWI battleship fleet was in a nice tidy target formation in Hawaii – 2,471 miles from continental USofA, and 4,117 miles from Japan.

Several high-ranking naval officers stationed in Hawaii had warned people they cared about to be somewhere besides “Battleship Row” on December 7th. Staffing on those ships was below “skeleton crew” levels.

Reports of the approaching Japanese fleet were buried. Radar intercepts of incoming aircraft were discounted. Calls from Hawaii commanders to Washington DC were ignored. We are supposed to believe these were coincidental Boo-Boos.

USofA public opinion prior to that day was strongly against going to war in Europe, or anywhere else for that matter. After that day no respectable man could resist enlisting in the Army, Navy or Marines to go fight evil and villainy somewhere besides its actual homes in Washington DC, The City of London and The Vatican.

All of the wholesome housewives immediately began saving butter, bandages, and tin cans for The War Effort, not to mention placing a SUPER HIGH PRIORITY on “fighting men” as partners.

FDR quite famously called December 7th “a date which will live in infamy.” Sadly, the vast majority will be pointing accusing fingers in the wrong direction.


The globalists, Bilderbergs, Illuminatti or whatever name you want to hang on THEM, divided the world into thirds with The Vatican in charge of the world’s religions, The City of London in charge of finances and Our Swamp in charge of WAR… or the global police state, if you will.

In 1933, the USofA government under FDR’s control began a full-on economic war against Japan. That country’s survival ended up hinging on breaking the USofA stranglehold on their little island nation. They were not optimistic entering into war with DC, but were indeed cornered… and somewhat invited in.

For me, Pearl Harbor Day is one in the continuum – a notable, distinctive one, but no greater than The War of 1812.

There’s a cool one. Ask anyone what The War of 1812 was about. Nobody but the Rothschilds and a handful of extraordinarily astute observers know. Andy Jackson had the audacity to cast out the banksters. We were treated to a few years without a fraudulent central bank. The War of 1812 was our publicly promised punishment from the Rothschilds (who owned England by that time).

It would take me weeks of research and writing to chronicle the 227 years of war under the Washington DC oblisk, but needless to say, they were all worthless for the common people, but high value to the overlords.

I actually have done a lot of that research, and make it available at my Bitterroot Bugle Post Categories under the sub-heading WAR.

Intelligent people Do Not Go To War.

Evil ones send OTHERS to war.