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my turn as an enemy of the state

I was recently asked why I am unwilling to cross the border into and out of Canada. Here is the real answer.

I was a significantly above average Libertarian activist. I ran for governor of Idaho twice, gave the Ada County Sheriff the closest race he had in 20 years, though I had no peace officer experience, and spent several years as Libertarian Party of Idaho state chairman. Needless to say, I was working diligently against THE STATE.

When TSA had just (unconstitutionally) taken over transportation security at all the airports, I went through the Boise airport on my way to a convention of state chairs in Houston. I was the only person who got “randomly” plucked out of a line of well over 100 people to have my luggage spread out over two tables to be pawed over by half a dozen or more ENFORCERS with shiny-new “we are special” uniforms. They sifted aimlessly through my stuff until the line disappeared down the gangway. Top dog finally said “You can go”.

I unceremoniously jammed previously meticulously packed stuff into my bags, ran down the gangway towards the closing door yelling “WAIT! WAIT! WAIT!”. The door re-opened and I was allowed to fly to Houston.

Eleven of us climbed into a Hilton shuttle heading towards the national convention of Libertarian Chairs. I mentioned my TSA experience on the trip. NINE of the eleven had almost the exact same story.

I have been yelling “The Emperor has no clothes” at since 2007 and at since my 2013 arrival in Montana.










I ran for Idaho governor in 2006, 2010 and sheriff in 2013 … always as an enemy of bloated, unconstitutional state overreach.

You can see bits of my campaigns in these videos … and perhaps understand why the police state may not like me … or my kind. 😉

A friend of mine was scrutinized a bit overzealously on his way into Canada a couple years ago. The return trip took him four hours in TSA hands. I expect similar treatment, at the very least. THAT would be very hard to take.

I am most likely on a TSA “Enemy of The State” list and apparently have been from their beginnings. Crossing through their police state checkpoints not once, but twice would probably be awkward for me.

Happily, I have no interest in such travels anyway.

If the police state checkpoints appear in paths that I do travel, a review of my program will be required.

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– Ted