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opportunity today to own/watch The Real Anthony Fauci movie

I apologize for doing this on the last day of their Cyber Week 50% off sale, but had not decided what to do with the information they have been sending to me.

Among the horrors THEY have visited on us lately, the scam with Fauci in the middle of it is a contender for the worst.

Some rather courageous investigators are sharing the inside story not only without help from those who SHOULD want us to know the truth, but with active opposition to getting those truths out.

Little guys like me, along with some a whole lot bigger are about the only way you will learn what really happened.

Here is the movie’s distribution website offering numerous ways to watch, and to support their work.


My spydee-sense tells me this will not be available for long. The book burners will have their way eventually. I have a few examples of books or videos I should have got while the getting was good, and others where I grabbed a copy at normal pricing to see them jump quite drastically on the collector market.

I am not recommending this video as a fiscal investment, but for knowledge of health care and of how the elites work, this would be a good one to have.

+ PLUS +

You support the work of people willing to risk their careers and lives to share serious truths.

The website linked above has A WHOLE LOT MORE.

Check it out.