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401Ks turning to dust

Yesterday afternoon I produced a video follow-up to yesterday morning’s Bitterroot Bugle post The Hyperinflation Survival Guide. I share that recording here.

I want you to survive, possibly even thrive in the upcoming New Economy.

Fortunes are made and lost in every economic upheaval throughout history. There have been many. All were the product of greedy, selfish, even malicious people at the top.

Often the uprising of slaves and peasants violently took the lives of their tormentors. That has a certain symmetry to it that serves well to warn a generation or two of would-be sociopaths. It would, in its own way be a nice punctuation mark to the end of the schemes they cooked up.

Regardless of punctuation, it is still not too late to come up with a plan for you and yours to survive in reasonable comfort as the money and investments we have trusted for generations all turn to dross.

I don’t know what the 401 represents,
but the K stands for Kiss Your Retirement Goodbye.

I know the standard answer: “I’ll lose a lot of money if I cash it in.”

You will LOSE IT ALL if you don’t.

Your call.

Where does your future security lie?

Use your head. Only you can decide what resources and skillset will carry you in the discombobulated future on the near horizon. It will not be similar to any past you have personally experienced. It will, however, resemble many throughout human history.

Study suggestions have been made at this site for years. You could start your thinking with the links here – and associated links to other resources therein.

The Great Fall
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As you can see, I have been sounding the alarm for a while.

I am in with some very impressive company who have been surprised by how long this final phase has lasted. In its death scene, their wealth and power has seen exponential increases, BUT THEY HAVE NOT WON.

There are many signs that they won’t.

Some of us will live to witness the unfolding of that particular mystery.

I hope to see you on the other side…

with neither of us pushing a wheelbarrow full of feral reserve notes.