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The Hyperinflation Survival Guide

Money changers carry loads of low value notes in wheelbarrows on Somalian streets –

This was the title of a book published in 1989, sponsored by Harry E. Figgie, Jr, chairman and CEO of Figgie International.

Concerned about the future operating environment for his company while the clear trajectory of the world’s central banksters was to print their paper currencies to death, he sent a team to study environments that recently experienced, or were currently suffering through exactly that.

He shared what they found in Bolivia, Brazil and Argentina in a short, succinct book,
The Hyperinflation Survival Guide.
While Amazon (linked) shows it as published in 2003, my hardcopy is copyright 1989.

One of the more interesting findings were complete changes that surviving businesses undertook. The business they thought they were in often changed to a completely different business when supplies, demand and mediums of exchange were completely disrupted. I will make up an example to illustrate.

One might be manufacturing and selling bicycles, but find their supplies of crucial metal tubing becoming spotty and at risk of disappearing. Defending against that possibility, they source and purchase a many-year supply of that material. Discovering a better market for their tubing inventory than manufactured bicycles, they transition into selling and buying raw metal products.

In the countries studied, this was very common among surviving enterprises.

Most hyperinflation analysts agree that in times of economic upheaval fortunes are both lost and gained. Pennies-per-acre Dust Bowl land purchasers became oil tycoons shortly thereafter.

One guaranteed certainty is that holders of the hyperinflated currency watched their wealth become dross.

While Fiat (unbacked) currencies may be the primary lubricant in today’s economy, their destruction and subsequent replacement by an even worse centrally-controlled e-currency is written into the current, obvious, published plan.

I highly recommend finding something else to ride.

An interesting aside: When I websearched fiat currency, the first page of answers were written, sponsored, botted-to-the-top by the purveyors of fake money. The Internet is a threat they are working to emasculate.