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The Veezuh business model

A funny thing happened to me while researching a possible upgrade to my wire-feed welder. I am very happy with the Hobart I bought a few years ago, except when I work with thicker steel … as it turns out, quite a bit of my metal work is with heavier metal. In those cases what is called the “duty cycle” is a problem. For every one minute of welding, my machine needs five or ten minutes to cool down.

I found that advances in electronics has reached into wire-feed welder design. Now for about the price of the old, solid, reliable light-duty, but heavy weight transformer-based welder I can have an inverter-based welder with close to 100% duty cycle on the medium-heavy steel I want to work with.

While I am hemming-and-hawing about affording a $625 upgrade, Veezuh pops up offering me $200 to apply for and use their credit card to make this purchase. Putting icing on their cake, they throw in 18 monthly interest-free payments. Okay. You got my attention… and, subsequently, my business.

Which brings me to their business model.

If you wonder why I’m being coy about their name, just call it superstition. They are among the aggressors of this 4th-Generation-War we are in.

They made up six hundred twenty five dollars out of vapor, then sent it to the manufacture of a welding machine on my behalf. This money wasn’t earned in the traditional sense like the world you and I inhabit. It did not exist until this transaction began. So far, Veezuh is out nothing.

In exchange for this nothing, I have incurred a debt… with the devil.

This devil plays by certain rules that they spell out – along with some they obfuscate, such as their takeover of our currency in 1913. Among those spelled out are:

If you mess up just once during the 18 month payment schedule, we will bump the interest rate on the original $625 to 30%… and compound the heck out of it, hoping that debt will bury you.

Not quite so clear is that payments cannot be late OR EARLY. While they are quite happy to accept payments BEFORE their contractual window, those don’t count as making your mandatory monthly payment. Slipping up there has the same result as missing a payment altogether.

Now remember, this spiraling debt came from vapor; not anyone’s earnings or savings.

A few centuries ago, capturing slaves took some investment in men and machines. Today it is this easy – essentially cost and risk free to them. My little transaction is repeated globally by a small group of banksters upon a widespread, HUGE populace of peasants on their way to slavery.

These are the very same individuals who created the hyperinflation we are now entering. Their money out of thin air trick is the essence of how they got us here. Now they plan to own everyone who has no gold, silver or strong bartering position. By their design, that is most of us.

While not a kind or gentle business model, it isn’t stupid. They wanted the human population eliminated or enslaved.

So far, so good. Their trajectory has possibilities of achieving their objectives.

Though, if they don’t make it, the winners will be pissed off.

The losers pissed on.