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being thankful

Among the things I am thankful for is that the manipulators have not messed up the language and culture of Thanksgiving Day. It remains on Thursday and is still widely celebrated as a day with families coast-to-coast gathering and giving thanks for what they do have.

My wife and I have now crested 20 years together and the team is holding up well, giving both of us comfort, joy, peace, support and happiness.

Though many have extolled the virtues of unpalatable yams, sweet potatoes and pumpkin pie, there is nobody forcing me to gag them down… and so many wonderful things I do enjoy are all readily available.

Weather is not unpleasant, our homestead is strong and we are comfortable in it. While there is always more to do, I am grateful for that as well. I enjoy my productivity, capabilities and am thankful I can keep at them.

For reasons that remain mysteries to me, I have not been deceived though the globalists worked for centuries to capture most of us. They offer few unpleasant surprises for me. I will know who my enemies are as well as who visits the apocalypse on Earth, humans and nature.

I am glad you are here.

I believe I have helped people avoid some well-laid traps and see through artful deceits.

I am Toto in his starring moment from the early Wizard of Oz movie.

I have no idea how many I have helped see behind the curtain, but even one would be a good number and make my life, my efforts here worthwhile.

I am blessed with a wonderful range of hobbies, talents, tools and skills.

I may have had a particular talent, gift or two, at least some of which I got to experience.

Even when the lights go out, I will still be able to find joy in my world.

Perhaps that is the greatest gift.

That, and I am glad I am not a turkey this week.