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alternatives to lamestream media

Where to go for “news”?

I do not have the stomach for much that the presstitutes present. I get my fill listening to others tell me what they are shown and understand of current events, as well as bits I catch passing by as others are viewing the spewing.

Some claim that FAUX NEWS is ‘the real thing’. It is controlled opposition: Just enough truth to capture those who might otherwise escape, but many topics are off limits for them, or twisted beyond all recognition. (FUBAR).

Nope. FAUX is designed for the above-average thinker who is still willing to believe there might be truth to be found in mass media. You might want to note which outlets are owned by NEWSCORP as depicted in the graphic to the right.

Nobody gets to operate a billion dollar enterprise without permission from the banksters – who print all the money, make all the loans, collect all the interest, and buy everything of consequence, including the politicians.

inside a Bot Farm

Unfortunately, the Internet has not escaped THEIR notice. THEY are fully aware that refugees today will turn to the Internet for current information – and make darn sure what they want you to believe dominates the conversation.

Therefore, the Bad News about the Internet is that you will have to use your brain to discern fact from fiction.

The Good News is your brain will get stronger with regular use. Turns out exercise is good for it.

How do you get there?

Understand that unlimited money can buy a lot – including Internet browsers (the interface required to access the world wide web) and search engines (those tools that answer your Internet inquiries). The most popular of those will be owned, operated and controlled by the very entities whose control and influence you were hoping to escape.

They not only limit your access to information, they also store your behavior and interests in their file on you.

Don’t let that bother you any. Big Brother is a benevolent slavemaster… and I have some really nice ocean-front property in Montana.

9 Most Secure Web Browsers That Protect Your Privacy In 2022

Are there search engines that don’t track you?

I have evolved to the BRAVE browser and its search engine. So far they look good and work well for me… nothing a zillion dollars can’t hack.

… Just sayin’ … don’t commit anything to electronics that you wouldn’t want your enemies to possess.

Do as I say; not as I do.

Where do I look? I find a large number of genuine investigative reporters at Creating an account is free and easy. You can help support their work by going “Pro”, which also reduces the advertising content you would otherwise get. There you can add people you want to follow and remove those you don’t. You might start with Bitterroot Bugler, then add and subtract from what you see there.