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snatched another ride to the border

Just over a week ago I took what I feared was my final BMW run of the year … documented in the post: last ride of the season -?

Having discovered that 50-degrees is still comfortable for my motorcycle gear, I squeezed another one in today. As you can see from the photos below, it rewarded me with some special guests.

I am guessing that makes about 500 miles total for me on he … stuff got in the way. I’ll have to get my money’s-worth later.

Just before I reached Lost Trail Pass, I saw wet pavement in a corner warning me to slow way down. One or two curves later it was slushy snow in the road. Okay. Game Over.

According to people who know A LOT more about motorcycle tires than I do, the Michelin Road 5 GT tires on this bike handle wet, rain and other adversity extremely well. I am just not game for finding what those limits are.

Besides that, while I started off from Darby in comfortable 50-degree air, by the time I reached 7,000 feet it was in the mid 30s … not so comfortable … inspired me to turn on the heated grips … then the heated seat. Nice, but my knees were still a bit cool.

This BMW R1200RT-P is a glorious machine – smooth responsive, powerful, fast, fuel-efficient, it rewards the delightful ballet between motorcyclist and human; provides that feeling of unfettered liberty in the world of travel… cruise, corner, overtake, brake … It eagerly, confidently responds to my every command.

On the return trip I found a photo treat worth pulling over for. I will let the pictures tell the rest of the story.