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The clown circus

This barely warrants commentary.

What amazes me is that some people who appear in many ways to have normal human cognitive abilities buy what lamestream political presstitutes are selling.

Old timey solutions should have been applied long, long ago, but “we” don’t like people such as those any more. Too masculine. Too religious. Too narrow minded. Too-too … or is that spelled tutu?

Among the ridiculous stories that light this particular fuse of mine are the goofy gender-bender tales. Anyone tolerating or accepting this insanity is immediately clicked off of my list for having any intelligent conversational potential.

Men have penises; women have vaginas.

When confusion begins to muddle your head, refer to the above two statements. If your confusion gets personal, expose your crotch, look down and you ought to be able to figure it out.

Sorry if I got a but blunt there, but, wow, the asylum is filling up and spilling out onto the street.

Today’s fuse-lighting story below:

A high school student and her father are suing a Vermont school district – accusing it of retaliating against them for complaining about a transgender student being in the girls’ locker room.

Blake Allen, 14, was suspended from Randolph Union High School and her father Travis Allen was fired without pay from his job as the girls’ soccer coach for calling the biologically male student, who identifies as a transgender girl, ‘a male.’

The father and teen daughter joined ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ on Thursday night to discuss the lawsuit filed against the school district.

‘I was suspended because I voiced my opinion that a man shouldn’t be in the women’s locker room,’ Blake said on the show.

‘A lot of my classmates were supportive, I think most people and the school are, they are just too scared to speak up because they see all the backlash I’m getting for it.’

Travis said: ‘I made a social media post that referred to the male student as a male and I was punished because of it. Because I misgendered him.’

She then informed Carlson that the school lifted her suspension shortly after their lawsuit was filed. It is not immediately clear whether the school was aware of the lawsuit when it lifted the suspension.

People who send their offspring to such institutions are dupes, knaves and fools.

Nothing is better than that.

I mean that literally.

A child raised in the forest by wolves would be better off.

This brings me to a recent revelation I had regarding the current abortion debate – which itself has been distorted to extremes.

Instead of thinking many of them as crazy, I am now cheering those folks on. They should be not just allowed, but encouraged to abort their young rather than adding more whack-jobs to the human population and further diluting the gene pool of sentient humans. I think for them anytime before 80 or 90 years old ought to be okay with the rest of us.