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Aha! That’s what the BLM riots were for!

Catherine Austin Fitts, in the interview I published yesterday, dropped a bombshell. Well, actually one after another. She carpet bombed those who would run planet Earth as a slave colony; laid their plans bare for us to see if we are brave enough to open our eyes.

Among the hits: She researched a hunch about the locations of the places BLM was hired to burn to the ground. All of them were in very special zones created from the District of Criminals as tax havens for the hyper rich. All of them were near Feral Reserve branch offices.

Amazing coincidences, if you would rather believe in voodoo, witch doctors, integrity in the black lives matter movement, and honest politicians.

Many of us puzzled over why these were allowed to happen, why police agencies were ordered to stand down, why people who proudly published themselves committing major felonies were never prosecuted, why such massive corporate sponsorship from The Bigs, and numerous other oddities about BLM and widespread destruction of inner cities and the black-owned businesses therein.

Mystery solved. More massive wealth transfers from poor and middle class to the hyper wealthy. More steps towards the super-cities Utopia plan published by the United Nations in Agenda 21 and Agenda 2030.

If you did not yet watch her interview from my Understand the pillars of our slavery and stop helping build them post yesterday, you really should.

The one time chair of the feral Housing and Urban Development agency knows a bit about this topic. She left the farm and knowingly risks her life exposing some of their filthy secrets.

I will go ahead and facilitate your viewing. Here it is again:

So many puzzle pieces suddenly fit.

– Ted