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Physician heal thyself

Challenge accepted.

Yesterday I had an angry red blotch surrounding a scabbed-over wound, source of injury unknown. I biff and bang my skin in my everyday world without giving it much thought.

This infection is not significantly different from hundreds of others I have had, and certainly of no concern.

In the olden days with my blind faith in the anointed medical practitioners, I would hustle to one of their temples to get shot for the dreaded tetanus that none of us had ever known to exist outside a mythology of the diploma-bearing medicine man world. They then would have poured some toxic mixture out of a brown bottle onto the wound, applied a fifty-dollar band-aid and sent me packing.

Sure enough, the wound would heal and tetanus would never show up. Score a victory for the witch doctor.

Ah, but the Today Ted does things differently.

Infection at any stage, from quarter-sized blotch to hand-print-size tender, itchy red welt heading from the wound directly towards my heart, the prescription is the same.

Colloidal Silver Gel from such disreputable peddlers as Walgreens, WalMart, Whole Foods Market, Kroger and a zillion more, is a super antibiotic in that it kills infection while being healthy for your body; completely non-toxic, medicine-insert-warning-free… quite unlike concoctions peddled by Big Pharma Practitioners.

My infections, topical, oral or anywhere they appear get dosed with either online-purchased gel or home-made colloidal silver liquid. *POOF* Gone.

Yesterday’s angry silver-dollar-sized red welt is today about the size of a wooden-pencil eraser, and almost already flesh-toned color. All I did was moisten the area with silver gel and rub it around until the scab softened allowing the silver to penetrate into the infected area… once… yesterday afternoon.

Toothaches, pulled back muscles, herniated discs, broken ribs … None of those are reasons to turn my body over to people PRACTICING medicine.

I demand a higher level of accuracy and consistent positive outcomes without negative side effects.

By the way, my legal team insists I tell you that I am not licensed to practice medicine and am not recommending any medical treatments herein. See your doctor.

Don’t be a Ted, “See-ya, doctor.”