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A dose of truth from America’s Frontline Doctors

America’s Frontline Doctors

Truth is the best antidote I can come up with for the Blizzard of Lies plague. Today’s prescription is from the organization of active medical professional practitioners who could not sit back and do what they were told – because they knew it was much worse than simply wrong.

Below is a mere sampling. There is A LOT there – deserving of occasional visits at least.

– Ted

In case you are not familiar with their mission and work, please allow me to invite you to their website:

Here are some of the headlines there today:

Watch: 1,000 Athletes Collapsing

Switzerland announces jail time for high room temperatures in event of energy rationing

Fauci: Clinical trials necessary to approve HCQ, not vaccines

Spike proteins confirmed ‘toxic and pathogenic’

Six feet of blood clots removed from junior high school footballer