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Russia, Russia, Russia

Over the last half century, the boogie-man of choice for USofA lamestream media and politicians has been Russia or The Soviet Union.

Since nearly all of the countries on Earth are playing with globalist central bank fiat currencies, covid-vaxx, chemtrails, HAARP, and other one-world-government shenanigans, I have a hard time thinking the public posturing is anything other than theater.

I grant, however, that there may be internal factions wrestling for control of The Machine. I just do not expect any major course changes regardless of which hands dominate at any given time.

The chances we will ever know The Truth are slim to none.

Meanwhile, tucked away in the blizzard of lies we can find bits of it.

Ukraine was part of Russia before Nikita Khrushchev split it off. As with most of those political lines on paper maps, the cultures were mostly unaffected. People and families flowed back and forth across their mutual borders much as they do everywhere else.

Ukrainian government was corrupt, but I know of none that aren’t. Until rather recently, the people of that country held elections and they had the impression of electing their own rulers.

Then the USofA State Department and CIA overthrew the government to install their own puppet regime. Suddenly the children of top elected Democrats became highly desirable executives in Ukrainian businesses as if there were no competent Ukrainian administrators and this motley collection of layabout silver-spoon playboys were special wizards.

The corruption, human trafficking, and TONS of USofA dollars pouring through Ukraine and much of it back to those dirty swamp rat hands – all ramped up to ludicrous levels.

It got much deeper and uglier as time passed with military posturing and overt threats from NATO and other hanky-panky that strikes me as designed to force Russia into overt warfare to defend their sovereignty. It is currently going rapidly from simmer to boil.

This is what I consider to the the slim bits of truth hidden in the blizzard. They may want WAR as part of their apocalyptic program and prefer if the North American schmucks blame Russia rather than The District of Criminals.

I post all of that to preface a very good Ron Paul Liberty Report covering the current situation on the Ukraine / Russia / NATO topic… though I think both Ron Paul and Daniel McAdams have more faith in political integrity than I do.

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