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living at peace with our world

Decades ago my best friend encouraged me to let go of the negativity I perceived in our world and that he did not. I couldn’t. He still lives in ‘commyfornia’ and I do not.

That amounts to decades where he was at peace with his world, his government, his mainstream media and the people in his neighborhood … and I was not.

I do not feel qualified to claim my position as superior. He had an extra 25 years of peace and comfort that I spent preparing for disasters that have not yet happened and distrusting “leaders”, media and darn-near all officials. Not to mention the huge chunk of time and money I spent trying to work on a political solution.

Of course I think my view is correct while his is not. However who is better off; has been better off?

He has had an easy-going twenty years “knowing” that his government had his best interests in mind, was there to protect, defend and support his life, liberty and property. Meanwhile I consider them to be supreme villains beyond imagination.

I am screaming from the rooftops while he is cheerfully water-skiing, enjoying keg-parties, watching football, and thoroughly fitting in with his left-coast community.

He is intermittently puzzled by apparent anomalies between what media and government officials proclaim and what actually happens in his world, however those oddities quickly evaporate as inconsequential. Football is still on his television, fuel is still in his powerboat, beer is still in the stores, uncomfortable student debt has been erased … What is not to like?

Let me count the ways…


In 2017 my ex-best-friend’s government deployed directed energy weapons to burn 95 homes to the ground and damage the rest of the 120 in his Bennett Ridge neighborhood of million dollar homes. I still don’t know if the large, fancy dream home he built with his own hands survived. I kind-of lost touch and sure don’t want to reconnect to ask him if he understands that it was their friendly, protective government that created the swath of urban renewal.

This bit is growing into a post … see ya tomorrow.