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The future of transportation

As THEY continue destruction of our lovely world, we have few intelligent choices before us.

Of course we could hang our expectations on the hook that
what has always been the way of the world will continue to be so.

That one only works properly for those whose views span centuries and aren’t limited to the tales published by the victors.

Suffice to say that is not common.

All of the world’s interlinked fiat currencies are turning to dust. Even less reliable and more controlled e-currencies are waiting in the wings to be trotted out when the masses are deemed ready to accept the change.

Food, energy, hardware, and more are about to be nearly unobtainable.

On to the sub-topic of this particular post, transportation will primarily be shoe-leather, except when the gubermint is transporting its serfs to the next destination

– which, of course, will probably not be where we want to go nor for our benefit.

As we rapidly approach Third-World status, it behooves us to study that environment and prepare as well as we can for our future lives therein.

This is part of the motivation for my recent motorcycle acquisitions. I am also storing up as many (s)miles on my bikes as I can fit in between my winter preparations… knowing this particular long, cold winter could be extraordinarily long metaphorically, lasting for many years, perhaps decades, or possibly centuries if The Great Reset that THEY occasionally mention actually takes place.

Granted, in my neck of the woods motorcycles are chosen by very few as a transportation mode when snow and ice dominate the riding environment. However, I have met some who have done exactly that – mostly by their own choosing. It can be done, if it is desirable.

Far cheaper to buy, service and maintain than four-wheeled vehicles, bikes go a heckuva lot farther on gasoline with ranges from 40 to over 100 miles per gallon being quite common.

It rather handily beats walking… or as you see in the pictures here, could actually serve toting livestock to market… or produce … or barter goods … or tools and services …

In the current Third World and likely future for the whole world, privately operated cars, trucks and buses will barely exist. Those that do will serve very small markets.

Everyday people will find themselves walking, bicycling and, the upscale among them, riding motorcycles.

As you can see in the photos I put here, motorbikes are often used far beyond anything manufacturers of them intended.

In every case, everyday people decide that bikes beat the shoe-leather-express.

I do, by the way, also have a collection of bicycles – some ready for immediate use, others lie in wait as material for other pedal-powered projects I may get to someday.