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My Attorney Bernie

I recently shared a Dave Frishberg song I really like. Here is another gem, “My Attorney Bernie”.

Recent events are conspiring to place us in their world, that is, the legal morass designed to transfer wealth from those who deserve it to the less deserving. Suffice to say I do not like it. Dave’s little ditty does a good job describing the situation.

My little group of loyal readers have undoubtedly noticed a shortfall in my postings. Meanwhile, our homestead is a whole lot better prepared for winter than it was a couple months ago.

Also unaffected by my absence, the trajectory of cultural, economic and political decline remains as solidly negative as it has been at anytime in history. There is one fire nobody will put out.

We have to be ready, willing and able to survive it … or not. I am okay with thriving for a mere 73 years. Few get more. Most get less.

Some, belay that, MANY never do achieve levels I have experienced.

I have had a great run.

I hope you did too.

I think my blogging expressiveness may be coming back.

We will soon find out, eh?