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Blizzard of Lies

I share with you a David Frishberg song you may not have heard. It fits perfectly with the world we occupy today. Click the JWPlayer MP3 play button to hear his rendition of “Blizzard of Lies”.

Also a perfect fit is this famous quotation below from a past CIA Director.

It is all frustrating to me. The things average people are willing to believe are quite literally incredible – as in not credible.

Sandy Hook – completely staged practice event pushed by politicians and media as if it was real.

Aurora theater – two gas masks on the floor, trail of blood to a back alley parking lot, surveillance video of wounded man escaping to parked car, yet we are told of a drug-crazed, uninjured lone gunman.

We are supposed to believe some chubby guy hauled 29 guns plus ammo into the heavily surveilled Mandalay Bay resort, broke an unbreakable window and single handedly shot a bunch of concert-goers.

Two commercial airliners took out three WTC buildings while another two disappeared into wreckage leaving not a single airliner piece at their respective crash sites. Never happened before or since, but many people swallow the whole lame story plus the complete absence of videos from thousands of cameras aimed at the various sites.

Vaxx … COVID … masks … Holey smokes, in our local Fedex store the clerk still puts on a mask before greeting customers. I hadn’t seen one of those on a local for a year or two, and rarely even on the California-plate tourists any more.

Speaking of the land of fruits and nuts. Wow have they swallowed a lot of really wacky stuff… as my psychologist friend would have put it, “Must be all that wacky tobaccy they smoke”. Even with their power blackouts they buy electric cars because they are told to.

The FIB is getting busted left and right for staging events then imprisoning innocent bystanders… indefinitely, including torture and lack of Constitutional rights.

The world’s fiat currencies are staggering towards their unavoidable cliffs. Suckers will line up for the even sketchier e-currency that will quickly follow in its wake.

Oh yeah! The Russians blew up their own pipeline despite the talking USofA heads telling the world the were going to do it if the Russians dared to run a pipeline around their Ukrainian money laundering, human trafficking capital. We weren’t supposed to notice the US Navy ship in the area a few days before the pipeline went boom.

The Blizzard of Lies centerpiece has to be their brainless poster boy, aka: Pedo Joe, The Groper, Dementia Dude. He, his family and associates have a huge public record of graft and corruption. The election was clearly a Trump landslide, yet proofs are ignored by CIA media, and we have their audience buying it. Every time I think they cannot do worse, they prove me wrong.

They have been Biden-their-time to get the apocalyptic horsemen all lined up, ready to go. Please remember that the Trump card is fully in on all this. I expect their messiah figure can get some of our potentially effective warriors to stand down at crucial moments.

The Air Force turned me into a computer operator in 1968. With over 20 years in that field, I knew the moment I heard of “voting machines” that voices of The People no longer mattered.

Yet they continue the charade of elections and the lie of democracy as if that would be a good idea even honorably run.

The Georgia Guidestones, a granite monument that stood in Elbert County, Georgia, United States, from 1980 to 2022 was taken down by the same “unknowns” who put it up. That monument along with UN Agenda 21 and updates to it have also made it quite clear that they want to reduce the world’s human population by over 97%. Yet we are supposed to believe these depopulation effects of their policies are accidental or coincidental.

Just why, pray tell, would they take down their 42-year-old granite monument describing their depopulation mandate now? Looks like SHOWTIME to me.

After 20 years of HAARP research in Alaska and even longer with their chemtrail program, followed up by global distribution of modern HAARP arrays including some ocean-going towable ones, we are supposed to believe the “once in a million years” weather events are Mother Nature’s handiwork… takes a special person to swallow those lines.

Farming, ranching, food processing, preserved food stores, all being destroyed simultaneously … certainly not the handiwork of the depopulation, create civil war and world war faction.

I have some ocean-front Montana property for sale, too.

Don’t forget that they hate the fact we are armed. Their disarmament programs repeatedly failed, so their new plan appears to include bringing an army of people who don’t like us, arm them to the teeth so they can sit back and watch the “humanoid overpopulation” self destruct.

Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.