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We Win, They Lose

I have rather apparently been backing off from my commentary, analysis and yelling from the rooftops that the sky is falling, the British are coming and other such warnings. Not that the crucial moments are farther away, but that those who know, KNOW and those who don’t will resist notification no matter how obvious.

It is demotivating to me. Then along comes an article by J.B. Shurk who nails it. He did all the work and footnoting (web-links) for us. As far as I can tell, he did not misfire one bit.

All I can add of value is: Don’t give up. We need all the stalwarts we can get on our side of the ramparts. Your community needs you now more than ever … in centuries. Your role and opportunity is historic.

Let’s crush those SOBs.

– Ted

We Win, They Lose. That Simple.


Exciting times.  A dangerous but exhilarating moment in history to be alive.  The ground beneath us quakes, and everything once held certain seems turned to mush.  Whatever we grasp for balance proves unsteady, too.  The world is crashing down, it seems, and no countervailing force exists to keep everything in place.

When we accept this reality, when we look around and say, “Hey, what was will never be again,” then the troubles around us become a little lighter to bear.  We are not here to fight for yesterday; we are here to fight for tomorrow.  Yesterday gives us guidance; tomorrow gives us purpose.  Yet just because we fight for tomorrow does not mean we aren’t also fighting for today.  When you learn to punch, you’re taught to aim beyond your target.  You punch through what you mean to hit to maximize force and minimize pain to yourself.  In the same way, we aim for the future in order to seize today.  We picture together what type of future we want.  We strive for that future with ferocity and perseverance.  And one day we look around and realize that we’ve managed to build a remarkable world right here in the present.  Nothing endures in this earthly existence but that cycle.  It’s what we do when challenges arise that matters.  Those acts, fleeting though they may be, are our shared legacy to one another.  

So look at the international communists’ “Great Reset” or “Build Back Better” dystopias as inevitable if you want, but do so knowing that you’re watching strikes being thrown into the catcher’s mitt without ever swinging.  Your mind and soul provide a powerful bat.  Our enemies are throwing heat right down the center of the plate.  And there has never been a better time to swing for the fences!  

The globalists’ programs for mass control of humanity have become glaringly obvious.  They don’t even hide their intentions anymore behind veiled language, secret club meetings, or slanderous aspersions against their critics.  They just say right out in the open, “Yep, we want to reduce the human population; control all energy used for commerce; regulate food productioncensor all information antithetical to our goals; cynically divide humanity against itself by promoting meaningless wars, racial hostilities, and ludicrous social conflicts; and force the vast majority of the remaining humans in the future to survive as indentured servants who will own nothing and subsist on a diet of bugs.”  That is an ugly, depressing, awful future to advertise.  Yet so overconfident are the Great Resetters in their control over emerging artificial intelligence technologies, central bank digital currencies, biological warfare, and mass surveillance that they say exactly what they plan to do.  

So confident is the permanent D.C. bureaucracy in its abilities to control all Americans that it no longer disguises its two-tiered “justice” system or pretends it cares a whit about hard fought American freedom.  Raiding the personal residence of political “outsider” President Trump to intimidate other prospective adversaries to Washington’s corrupt Uniparty?  Check.  Murdering, hunting down, and imprisoning MAGA voters under the pretense of a bogus “insurrection” narrative supported by an equally corrupt news media and criminal “justice” system?  Check.  Hiring massive armies of IRS agents and other bureaucratic mercenaries to execute deadly force against American citizens while simultaneously cataloguing gun-owners in an ongoing effort to disarm the civilian population?  Check.  Using the “climate change” farce and fantasies of “systemic racism” to implement widespread political Marxism and economic redistribution of wealth indistinguishable from classic communism?  Check.  Intentionally subverting immigration law to flood American communities with drugs, human-trafficking, slave labor, and social disintegration?  Check.  Manipulating elections with fraudulent mail-in ballots and scant identification requirements?  Check.  Printing and spending U.S. dollars until inflation and inevitable currency collapse destroy Americans’ private wealth and leave them entirely dependent upon government-dispersed welfare?  Check.  Attacking religiously devout Christians as threats to the State?  Check.  Censorship of all dissenting opinion, confiscation of private property under the guise of tax and regulation authorities, Soviet show trials, and politically sanctioned professional demotions for anyone courageous enough to challenge the regime’s power?  Check, check, check, and check!

Hubris.  Absolute hubris.  And we should love it.  We couldn’t ask for a better drug to cloud the judgment of our enemies.  They’re hooked, they can’t see clearly, and they will not change now or in the foreseeable future.  What they possess with hollow overconfidence, they lack in sober wisdom.  They’re drug addicts now, deluded in the supremacy of their own enduring power.  These are dangerous people but people who are no longer grounded in any sense of reality.  They think they control the quaking ground beneath their feet and believe that they alone will decide what stays in place.  They see themselves as gods, and as with all false gods, their vanity will consume them.

Go back and find a time in history when hubris succeeded in subsuming the world to man’s will.  What conqueror has ever succeeded in holding total power for long?  When has overbearing authority not produced an equal and opposite human force of organic rebellion?  When has the lust for total global dominion not fractured into a million tiny pieces from the uncontrollable energies of once inconsequential humans yearning to be free?  When has the desire for One World Government — that seductive enticement that grips the minds of unscrupulous men, much like Tolkien’s “one ring to rule them all” — ever succeeded?  Still waiting!  The hunger for a global government where an aristocratic “elite” rules over everyone else has existed throughout human history, and just as with every misguided attempt to construct a perpetual motion machine or every alchemist effort to transform lead into gold, those who wish to rule humanity from the seat of an earthly throne always fail.  They drown in the floods unleashed from their own magnificently destructive hubris.  Show me a group of men who seek to rule the world, and I’ll tell you the tale of their ultimate annihilation.  That is the story of man’s struggles in this life, and anyone too drunk with delusions of domination to know what’s coming will pay the price.

President Ronald Reagan had a simple but effective plan for defeating communism and the Soviet Union: “we win; they lose.”  Once again, we fight communism today, except now we face it both on a global, “Great Reset” scale and up close and personal here at home.  Reagan’s plan still…holds…true!  We win; they lose; that simple!  Never underestimate simplicity.  Simplicity is a rallying call and shield behind which hundreds of millions of strangers can instantly unite.  Simplicity is one juicy, meaty pork chop of a fastball right over the heart of the plate.  Simplicity is visualizing tomorrow, while punching through the internecine threats of today.  Simplicity and common purpose are what combine to drive a final stake through the evil plots of men who sow division, spread harm, and feast on the miseries of others.

Exciting times.  A dangerous yet exhilarating moment to be alive.  If you look around with clarity of purpose, though, there is nothing to fear.  That tingle in the air right now is normal.  Great change is always electric.  Use it.