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settled in to my domain

A main driver of my life is gaining control of my homestead, estate, working spaces and equipment. After each move from one to another, the list of urgent/critical projects is immediately followed by the crucial, then important and so on until I reach the settled in phase. In each case there is some marker that gives me the feeling I have arrived.

Seven years into our Bunkhouse occupancy, I finally hit what I think is that marker.

I am comfortable that I know what spaces I want to irrigate, have them relatively easy to wet and no longer have to disconnect hoses, move pipes and reconnect to run my mower around the yard. This evolved irrigation system will be reasonably easy to winterize and set up next spring.

Having tried so many models and brands of sprinklers with varying results, I was a bit surprised that my favorite is about 25 years old. Having recently purchased four new ones just like my old ones enabled me to finish the system comfortable in its longevity.

Here at the middle of August, I finally got this one off my list … able to put my irrigation tools and supplies away for the foreseeable future.

At last, getting my motorcycles on the road while at least some of the riding season remains moves to the top of my priority list … firing range and trigger time are close behind.

Okay, maybe I haven’t really arrived… perhaps I never will… could be an inescapable personality characteristic.

People who know how to operate hammocks might use the word “flaw” at the end of that sentence, but that is not very charitable.