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State of the Planet

In the video I posted July 30th, I promised that links to much of my source material would be found here. I am doing that now. In nearly every case I have put details and links in my prior posts, so I am taking a shortcut with that as you will see.

I am greatly impressed that the creators of The Georgia Guidestones used one of their Directed Energy Weapons to take down their edifice. Nobody else could have done it. The real question we cannot answer quite yet is WHY? As with all they do, it is not in our best interest. They are not doing us any favors.

The Food Plant Fires is another story I covered with numerous links. If you don’t know what I am talking about, you really ought to. This is going to bite us bigly very soon.

I have not yet covered this story on my websites, but it is part of the food scarcity package the Bilderberg Group is setting us up for this winter. Suspicious Freezer Failures at Costco Sams and Walmart

They are also destroying farmland, idling farmland, shutting down transportation, ORDERING farmers to not plant … the hits keep on coming … I can print December’s headline: FOOD SHORTAGES EVERYWHERE … and the subline: NOBODY COULD SEE IT COMING … I recommend you be one of those nobodies.

John Williams of Shadowstats fame is going to have to adjust his Y-axis as the programmed destruction of ALL FIAT CURRENCIES ON EARTH revert to their true value (ZERO).

This is one of those great, grand, glorious bits of theater we get to live through … when our Feral Reserve Notes revert to their intrinsic value.

I know you are too smart to have bet it all on some mythical eternal value for FRNs. Congratulations, but toughen your skin and keep your powder dry.

I know I have covered and re-covered the horribly crappy theater in Ukraine. It behooves us to remember that ‘they’ set this up and are working it darn-near incessantly. The amount of corruption, graft, human trafficking, human suffering, war profiteering, and war posturing that they compress into that one state is gut-churning impressive. We have to trust that The Cosmos is making tic-marks on their tallies and justice will be delivered. Not my job, mahn.

I also mention in my video Mockingbird Media, referring to the CIAs programmed takeover of all news outlets in the USofA, more likely as world-wide as they could make it.

Surely you have long since abandoned FAUX NEWS. The truth is not there. The Internet is much more hopeful. It is here sometimes, but you have to recognize the shills when you see them. They have THE POWER. Their AI can vote the heck out of their lies, so GooGoo and the rest are totally compromised. Nobody home at truth house there.

Meanwhile, I am personally taking these last few weeks of normalcy to build a few nice memories and pump up my positive vibe reserves. Lazy … playing … having fun … Call it by any name, but The Great Ugliness will be long and not so nice. Having personal, spiritual, cosmic strength going in will likely be helpful.

Besides that, it is fun to do fun stuff.

Grab it while you can.