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chatting up a bicycle gang

In a rare trip to our friends’ restaurant, I noticed a fleet of bicycles parked outside.

We sat across from a similar number of gentlemen all wearing High-Visibility vests.

I opened a conversation with something like, “You brilliant-looking men must be related to the bicycles parked outside”. That elicited chuckles all around, earning us camaraderie and their fascinating story.

The first major surprise was in response to “Where are you all from?” Only two started off on their epic bucket-list coast-to-coast tour together. They met up on the road, found compatibility and have been riding together ever since. Their personal journeys varied from two months to one month on the road with a ways yet to go.

A nicer group of guys would be hard to find.

They were curious about our little burg they were riding through, so we shared information and our morning breakfast in the Montana Cafe.

I asked them to stick together long enough for me to hustle home, grab my camera and station myself far enough ahead of them to capture the moment.