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all quiet on the western front

My title line refers to a World War I novel (All Quiet on the Western Front) that came to mind as I explain my long absence from posting here. It is a good book that will be relevant, current as long as the banksters create wars … well worth reading.

It is apropos here as my silence is in no way related to the absence of action, activity, deceit, decrepitude or threats to the peace and harmony good people like us deserve. The excrement is definitely splattering from the rotating ventilator.

I have been shouting my warnings from my little rooftop to my tiny audience since around 2006. The Great Ugliness is upon us. For the delusional: NO it is not going to get better.

HOWEVER, those who welcomed the magic juice into their veins, those who bobble-head everything lamestream media pumps out, those who sit in the cheap seats imagining the theater is reality … all those OTHERS, cannot, will not learn from anything I say or do.

The rest of you GET IT, GOT IT and I don’t know what more I can share.

Nevertheless, I think I am on the verge of resuming my sharing of the off-center perceptions I get from events of the day.