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AFLDS’ Frontline News Roundup

After numerous invitations piled up in my e-mail box, I finally got around to listening to a couple of their weekly news roundups. As good news summary’s do, they are succinct, accurate and potentially steer the listener to further investigation on a topic or two.

A whole lot of what is going on to destroy life, liberty and property is being ignored, covered up and outright censored. This news is not afraid to expose those.

I encourage you to give one or two a listen … perhaps even becoming a regular listener and even a supporter.


Dear Ted,

Please take 5-minutes today to listen to AFLDS’ Frontline News Roundup.

This short podcast will give you a quick snapshot of the latest headlines from Frontline News Director Mordechai Sones. Sones uncovers the biggest stories of the day and breaks them down for us.

Unlike most news outlets, Frontline News gives you news from around the globe, and explains exactly what you need to know about it.

This week’s Frontline News Roundup covers…

Digital Services Act: Authoritarians are alive and well in Europe! The EU announced that all 27 member countries must establish a “digital services coordinator” who will be empowered to regulate, give orders, and punish online offenders.

FBI searches of US Citizens doubles from 2020 to 2021: According to reports the FBI collected data on 3.4 million Americans, a 100% increase. Why….?

The CDC tracked millions of Americans mobile phones to find out if US Citizens were following COVID lockdown orders, or not…

You can download or listen on your computer or mobile device via SoundCloud here or from the AFLDS website here.

You will not be disappointed!

For Liberty,

Simone Gold, MD, JD
America’s Frontline Doctors
The Trusted Name for Independent Information
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