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inside every silver lining is a dark cloud

I do not know why some people choose to go through life finding the darkness in their world. Life presents us with infinite bright spots. We merely choose to inhabit one or the other.

One of my good, young friends is like that. I believe he spends time with me in part because I continually ridicule his tenacious grip on the dark cloud of the moment. He is a logical person and knows I am right when I am.

This morning I retold the tale to him of the old hound dog laying on the porch whining and howling because a nail was digging into his side. Getting up to solve the problem was not on the agenda.

On the other end of the spectrum is Pollyanna, from a 1913 novel by American author Eleanor H. Porter. Pollyanna unfailingly found the silver lining around every dark cloud. She lived a joyous life because she chose to.

Over a decade ago I built website because that is who I am; that is what I do. I took a few shots at self-employment as a handyman, each time calling my business The Fixer. Quite literally all my life I have fixed stuff.

That, plus a little playing with words which I enjoy. In some cultures The Fixer is a person setting up marriages. In others a fixer is the one working bribes under the table or strong-arming to get stuff done. I am neither of those, but am quite creative with wood, metal, landscape, marketing and interpersonal relationships.

We have choices.
You can live in the world depicted above right.
You can live in the world below it.
Your call.