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Fasting for health – Day 9 without food, surrounded by plenty

So many devotees, advocates and practitioners of fasting tell us that after four, five or six days their desire for food disappears as if they had never eaten a meal in their lives.

That has not kicked in for me. That is one among many things that make each of our fasts unique to US.

This is the story of MY FAST. I share in hopes you can gain something from it. As I say within this video, the health benefits are great – and apparent to me as well as those who know me. Various annoying old-age, environmental, viral or whatever source weaknesses are, or were having their way with my body as a host.

Getting my body into Ketosis, that is the state of operating on my fat reserves, has Human Growth Hormone turned loose into my bloodstream, healthy replacements for defective, aged, diseased cell components are running around refreshing my cells from head to toe.

Nobody dare bill it as such, but it is an anti-aging tool.

I recommend it, but understand it is a rare freak who can do it outside of a clinical, fasting spa environment. It is taking me a great deal of will power all the time.

In the case of my 2022 fast, I feel I have enough health issues and healing to do that I intend to run it for about 20 days. I’m almost half-way there.

Maybe that famous disinterest in food will kick in soon.

Here’s to HOPE.

If you are curious about nitty-gritty details too tedious to publish on my blog, here is my journaling of this process in .PDF form:
Fasting Journal summer of 2022