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Progress in my life without food – Day 5

I write this on the evening of my fast’s fifth day. I include a video clip from my third day.

Many experts on the subject talk about hunger going away after the 3rd or 4th day “as if you never ate food in your life”.

That has yet to kick in for me. I am constantly invoking my will power. Today I packed up my bass when the Circadian Rhythm would have been requesting breakfast. That was a good distraction.

I jammed with a guitar, accordion and piano at the Hamilton Senior Center while the audience waited, then ate their very-low-cost meal. Today it was Taco Salad that would have been FREE to me as a member of the musical entertainment team. Have I mentioned my personal weakness for Mexican Food???

My wife accuses me of being able to eat Mexican food three times a day, every day of the week. I respond that the Mexicans have that part right. As soon as our leader called the gig to a close, I packed my bags and boogied away from the temptation. Get thee behind me, Satan.

I took a walk in my head around people I know and have known to find only a couple who I think could undertake a fast beyond a day or two… well, while food is readily available anyway. They all may get a crack at it soon whether willing or not.

I also considered how it might be made a little easier for others. It seems a camping trip with like-minded people would work well. No camp-stoves, no food, no coolers, just plenty of water. It would greatly simplify packing, setting up and tearing down camp. Resisting non-existent meals would be a snap. Participants could help each other with distractions at regular mealtimes. Take art supplies, musical instruments, games, wilderness toys, but for goodness sake DO NOT invite that wildland forager you know.

I also think those fasting spas would be a great environment with the experienced staff helping participants through every stage while those fasting mutually support and encourage each other. However, I cannot conceive of me paying vacation-level money to go without food.

For that kind of money I could spend three weeks in Mexico eating local food to my heart’s content.

I might have to fast for the month afterwards just to fit into my clothes.