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Veteran’s Victory Alliance

In my web post of May 30th, Memorial Day …. beyond beer and hot dogs, I mentioned being involved in the Darby Montana Memorial Remembrance Day program. It was held the day before because bigger venues would occupy the actual Memorial Day – including the nearby 100-year-old Corvallis Memorial Day parade and celebration. I played in the band there – a much larger performance than the TAPS I played Sunday in Darby.

Victoria Miralda, a 21-year Army veteran spoke about the need and a program she founded and helps run today to help past and present military and first responders remain grounded. The setting they offer is ideal for giving these people a break from their intense duties in a clean, quiet, wholesome setting.

The Veteran’s Victory Alliance is homed in my beloved Bitterroot, upstream a bit and just a little further from city life than we are.

I won’t bother repeating what you can find on their very nice website. Click the link above or below to learn more.

I expect to become involved with them and encourage you to as well.