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With boring predictability, gun control gets trotted out again

One of the greatest enemies those who would rule us fear is our cool self-defense tools. Of course thinking, creative, strong-willed, unpredictable white men are also on the top of the problems they are working to solve.

Thanks to LBJ’s Great Society, darker skinned men with similar qualities are not as common, but most certainly do exist. I welcome them on our HOME team.

This year they are working on marginalizing the white men, but this month they have targeted our self-defense mechanisms.

It is too early for me to call the most recent school shooting a false flag or a staged event, but it smells very strongly of one or the other. Thank you FBI, CIA, ATF and the rest of the usual suspects. I will get back to you when the investigative reporters begin unraveling the event.

Look to the right-hand column at this website under PERMANENT PAGES under headings of “False Flags” and “Hoaxes” to see detail after detail of how they staged stuff to sell gun control in the past. It has yet to work. I do not expect it to begin working as long as there are thinking, creative, strong-willed, unpredictable white men with the ability to share research and information.

Their playbook is so consistent, simplistic and predictable that I struggle to think anyone is buying the bullshit. Yet I find A LOT of believers out there. Mostly the same fools who inject DNA-altering mind-control substances voluntarily into their veins. Nice people and all that, but we are going to be losing a lot of them in the near future.

If those folks choose to disarm because their “LEADERS” request it, we will not have lost much power from our team.

On the other hand are those of us who will not buy the disarmament plans no matter what shape they take. This is the GAME ON trigger.

It will be interesting.

We will find why we are here now, and what we are made of.

If’n I go down, I will go down swinging.